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Top Service Tips for Your Honda in Wilmington, DE

Top Service Tips - Union Park Honda - Wilmington, DE

Honda Service Tips

Most people know that Honda vehicles are known for their reliability—especially current and previous Honda owners. These cars are built to last, delivering a fun, efficient, and safe performance for years to come. But if you really want to make the absolute most out of your Honda, it’s important to stick with a solid maintenance routine.
Honda Brakes
The brakes in each Honda vehicle come with audible brake wear indicators. These indicators become exposed when the brake pads wear down, causing a screeching sound each time you apply the brakes. This sound will indicate that it’s time to get your Honda’s brakes checked and the pads replaced.
Honda Oil and Fluids
Oil changes are some of the most important steps in good Honda care. The reason that cars have oil is to lubricate the different parts of the transmission. Without it, friction causes serious and sometimes irreparable damage. As you drive your Honda, the oil collects debris over time and becomes less effective at lubricating. In fact, all fluids lose their effectiveness over time, including brake fluid, antifreeze, and power steering fluid. Honda recommends getting an oil change and other fluid changes based on the recommended mileage in your Honda owner’s manual.
Honda Air Filters
In addition to clean oil, your engine also needs clean air. That’s why the air filter is an integral part of a vehicle’s mechanics. But like everything, the air filter will collect too much dust, dirt, and debris over time and will need changed. Honda recommends getting your air filter replaced with a Honda Genuine Engine Air Filter rather than an aftermarket part.
In fact, Honda recommends using Honda Genuine parts and fluids for all of your service needs. If you need service done by someone who you can trust and who can give you the best Honda-branded parts, stop by Union Park Honda today.

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