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Why Buy New vs Used in Wilmington, DE

Why Buy New vs Used in Wilmington, DE

New vs Used


If you’re shopping for your next vehicle, you’re almost certainly asking the question: new or used? Each option is valid and beneficial in its own way. Here are the basic upsides to both, which will hopefully help you decide whether you want to look for a new or used car at Union Park Honda.




Undamaged, untouched, and never driven, new cars provide the ultimate peace of mind for shoppers. These cars come straight from the manufacturer and feature all of the newest features, safety tools, and efficiency. When you buy new, you can customize your purchase and get exactly what you want. Plus, new cars come with warranties that provide additional confidence in the purchase.


However, new cars are pricier than used options, which may not always be worth it for those shopping on a budget.




The biggest benefit to the used car is the savings. A used car that’s just a year or two old may save you 20 percent or more off of its new-car price tag. In paying a lower price on the purchase you’ll also save money on taxes, insurance, and registration. Because you’ll be paying less, you can also find a nicer car for your budget.


While some people fear that used cars won’t be as reliable, there are actually many ways to verify a car’s condition, like vehicle history reports. If you’re willing to put in the extra work and research to check in on a vehicle’s condition and history, used can be a great way to go and save some money.


Interested in a new or used vehicle? Stop by Union Park Honda today.

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