Honda is known for producing durable, reliable vehicles that need minimal maintenance. There are still things that every Honda owner in New Castle, DE, should do to keep their autos in top condition. With the right spring maintenance, you can undo the ravages of winter and get your car, truck, minivan, or SUV ready for all your upcoming travels. At Union Park Honda, we can help you complete your spring service checklist so that your auto stays up-to-date with all dealer recommended maintenance and wear-related care.

Clean Off Winter Residues

There's no better time to have your car thoroughly washed and detailed than in spring. Like most vehicles near Pine Creek, DE, your Honda probably has a generous coating of road salt, brine, and other winter build-ups. Leaving these in place can lead to serious problems with paint damage and rust. Our service team will leave your vehicle looking new both inside and out as you cruise through Newark, DE. We'll even make sure that all build-ups of road debris and de-icing agents get removed from your auto's underbody. We'll treat all soft-touch surfaces at the interior with the appropriate solutions for both disinfecting common areas and protecting them

Tire Pressure Check

You also want to make sure that your tires get properly inflated. Moving right into spring travels across Hockessin without proper tire care can put you at risk of skidding and hydroplaning once the spring rains arrive. You can come to see us get new tires put on or to have your current tires rotated, balanced, and correctly pressurized. We can also perform an alignment and suspension check to make sure that nothing you've encountered has damaged these systems. Catching and correcting alignment and suspension problems early on will prevent expedited tire wear even as it improves your fuel economy.

New Wiper Blades

Don't wait until you actually need your wiper blades before having them inspected. If expansion and contraction changes in outdoor temperatures have left these components worn, we can replace them. Even constant sun exposure can cause wiper blades to become warped and cracked. Much like your tires, having functional wiper blades will prove essential on rainy spring days in Bear, DE.

Under-the-Hood Inspections

Spring is also a good time to get caught up on routine maintenance like oil changes and general tune-ups. A quick, under-the-hood inspection will allow us to identify worn components before they have the opportunity to cause major problems. To learn more about our full range of spring car care services or to set up an appointment, call or come by Wilmington, DE to talk to the team at Union Park Honda.

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