When you’re looking for a new three-row SUV for your family travels, you’ll likely come across both the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot. As two of the most popular three-row SUVs in Wilmington, these two go toe-to-toe on a daily basis. At Union Park Honda, we’ve checked out the competition to see how our Honda Pilot stacks up, and we know you’ll enjoy your test drive when you pay us a visit.

Power and Capability

While the Honda Pilot is 15 horsepower short of the new Toyota Highlander, these two V6 engines sport identical torque figures, and for most applications that is the figure that matters most. Helping improve your Honda Pilot experience is the fact that it is lighter than the Toyota Highlander, so you’ll enjoy better handling, shorter stopping distances, and improved acceleration as you drive. Not to mention the Honda Pilot has a nine-speed automatic transmission as standard, while the Toyota Highlander has just an eight-speed gearbox between the engine and the all-wheel drive system. That extra gear may not seem like much, but when towing or accelerating hard you’ll appreciate the smoother feel of the Honda Pilot.

Interior Space

If you’re buying your three-row SUV in order to take advantage of third-row space, the Honda Pilot is the model for you. It boasts more third-row legroom than the Toyota Highlander, while space in the first two rows is similar on both models. Of course, this also means that the Honda Pilot offers increased storage space when the third-row seats are folded flat, giving you extra room for cargo when you aren’t toting a cabin full of friends and family.

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The new Honda Pilot offers a more enjoyable overall driving experience than the new Toyota Highlander, and we encourage Wilmington drivers to visit Union Park Honda before deciding which three-row SUV is right for you.

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