Safety is always a big deal when you’re looking at three-row SUVs, and the latest Honda Pilot models for sale at our Wilmington, DE dealership deliver with a series of high-tech features to help you avoid trouble on the road. Visit Union Park Honda to test drive the new Honda Pilot today, and see how technology is helping create a safer driving experience for you and your family.

Seeing What’s Ahead

The new Honda Pilot models come standard with the Honda Sensing suite of advanced driver assistance features. For starters, this means you get forward-facing radar and camera features to help you avoid a variety of hazards on the road ahead.

You’ll get forward collision alert that can detect both vehicles and pedestrians and sends up a warning when a collision seems likely. You’ll then have a chance to react by braking or taking evasive action before automatic emergency braking kicks in. While this feature can’t prevent accidents altogether, it can reduce your speed and the severity of the impact, while avoiding collisions in some cases.

The Honda Sensing suite of features also includes adaptive cruise control to help you maintain a safer highway following distance, and it allows you to focus on hazards rather than always being worried about how fast you’re traveling. Simply set a speed limit and following distance, and the system will work out which to prioritize based on the traffic ahead.

Finally, you’ll get lane-keep assist to help you stay in your lane while driving. When road markings are clear, the system will gently nudge the steering wheel to keep you from crossing a line accidentally. You can override the system with strong steering input when evasive action is necessary, and it temporarily switches off when you activate a turn signal to change lanes.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

These are just a few of the advanced safety features you’ll find that help make the new Honda Pilot a safe way for you and your family to travel. Take one for a spin at Union Park Honda to learn more today!

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