More and more drivers seek the latest hybrid cars and electric vehicles (EVs). The popularity and demand for alternative energy vehicles have risen exponentially in the past few years. The Honda brand has worked to meet this demand, creating numerous hybrids/EVs in their portfolio. For anyone who remains unconvinced, let us share with you the top five benefits of driving a hybrid/EV. You will find all the latest green cars from Honda in our hybrid showroom at Union Park Honda in Wilmington, DE.

Top Five Benefits of Hybrids/EVs

  1. Pump Savings: Keeping a hybrid vehicle running smoothly proves easy with their energy-saving powertrains, so trips to the pump station become more infrequent. EVs eliminate this power source with lots of energy savings through their plug-in performance.
  2. State/Federal Tax Credits: Not only do our Honda hybrids/EVs come priced affordably, but they will also offer you more savings in the long-run. Through the Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, you can receive a tax rebate of up to $1,000, with other tax incentives available on the federal level.
  3. Commuter-Friendliness: Honda hybrids/EVs prove a great choice for drivers who want a mild-mannered performance with little impact on the environment or their fellow commuters. Honda hybrids come built to use energy efficiently, creating fewer emissions in turn.
  4. Variety: The Honda hybrid lineup currently includes one plug-in EV hatchback, two-hybrid sedans, and a hybrid crossover so that shoppers can find lots of efficient options. The Honda Accord Hybrid offers a spacious interior with lots of technology. Simultaneously, the Honda CR-V Hybrid takes all of the family-friendliness of its predecessor with upgraded hybrid performance.
  5. Technology: Our Honda hybrid/EV models offer all of the same high-tech features you will find on our new Honda inventory. All come standard with Honda SensingĀ® driver-assist safety features, and most feature seamless smartphone pairing through Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

Shop for a Honda Hybrid Today

We have lots of great deals on Honda hybrids/EVs here at Union Park Honda. We invite you to check out all the latest green cars in our new Honda showroom here at Union Park Honda. Visit us today here at 1704 Pennsylvania Ave for a test drive to learn more. See you soon!